taender-kisses whispered: hello! I absolutely love your themes and I wanted to let you know that I am using theme 23 (eternal) luv ya ^_^

hi, and thank you very much! ;0;

magicmonkeyspandex whispered: just wanted to give feedback on your amazing themes! I used your Blue Exorcist one! (●ↀωↀ●) me likey lol but how do you make your themes? they're so detailed.

aw thanks! ;0;

i sit at the computer for hours and cry For that theme in particular, it was just through some time of making the elements change colour on hover. It’s really easy. uvu (which reminds me that I gotta revamp that one —)

magnusthemes whispered: oh mY GOD YUKO YOUR NEW FAQ PAGE IS BEAUTS <3

thank you ;w;

otakus-escape-reality whispered: Hi, I just wanted to ask if theres anyway I can get rid of the tags pages on your MULTI-PAGE [02] SUIKOMU theme? I don't really use tags. Awesome page btw! I love it!

hello, and yep it’s possible! on the original code, you have to delete line 498:

<!--------------------------- W A N D E R ------------------------------->

all the way to line 631:

</div><!--panel (wander)-->

Right after that, scroll up and delete line 450:

<a href="/">wander</a><!--change wander for the tagslist title-->
salazhar whispered: Omg, u reblogged my post on learning how to code. Im a big fan of yours and you're one of my inspirations! Thank you :)

aah no it was a great resource post, ofc i would reblog it! :> thank you!!

hundans whispered: for your theme 32 is there a limit to what size the header should be?

Height: 150px, width: [post type 1: 500px | post type 2: 400px | post type 3: 510px]

It’s not exactly a limit, since whatever image you upload will be resized to the needed dimensions, but these are optimal. :>


Links to Help You Start Coding by azurethemes/salazhar
In honor of opening my theme blog, I thought I’d make this post on learning how to code since many people ask where/how I started coding. This is not a tutorial on how to code a theme, but a list of resources on how to start learning HTML and CSS.

These websites are the one I used to learn and understand more about HTML and CSS. 

  • Code Academy
    Code Academy teaches you HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and more interactively. Their tutorials are great for anyone of any age. This site is my favorite and I definitely recommend it.
  • w3Schools
    w3Schools is what I like to call my online glossary. It has literally everything you need to know.

There are many great tutorials here on tumblr on creating your own theme. Here are a few:

Tumblr has also provided us with a document on creating custom themes and I suggest going through it. 

If you wanna start coding themes, but you don’t know where to start, I suggest using a base code. 
I have a masterpost of base codes here, but you will want to use base codes that come with instructions like these two [ one | two ] so it’s easier for you to customize and understand the theme.

Again, this is just a list of resources to help you begin coding your own tumblr themes. I will release another resources list with more external links that provides you with tutorials to make your themes even better. This one is just to help you start out.

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If you have anymore questions on coding, feel free to ask me!

cythemes whispered: Wow, oh my god, thank you so so much for following me! You are one of the theme makers who inspired me to start making themes in the first place and it is such an honor to be followed by you! Your themes are beyond amazing. <333

It’s no problem at all! Aaah your stuff is great so I’m more than happy to follow you. uuu it’s amazing to know that I was an inspiration sobss ;u; Keep coding, I’m looking forward to see your future designs!


winterdame whispered: I love your new multi page \( `.∀´)/

Thank you!! (●ω●✿) 



You can easily toggle through this page to find an about section, a tagslist/navigation section, a blogroll and an FAQ+askbox. Page was made using a Carousel Slider, so preview the page to check out the sliding effect! Customize notes can be found in the code, like always.

!!! Important: to get your ask box to work, please ensure you check out the message on line 699 of the code.

Content credits go to maruti-bitamin. Background by Victor Bykov. Made with the help of str-wrs' sliding viewer tutorial!

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