I will be going on a month-long hiatus and closing my ask box in three days’ time.

Yep, End-Of-Years are coming up. :s If there are any questions, messages, asks, theme issues you’d like to report, please send them asap. 


✄ BLUE: live / static | PINK: live / static | VIEW CODE ✄

  • 57 colour options
  • 8 custom links
  • 1 column only
  • 400px posts / 500px posts
  • show captions option
  • monochrome posts option
  • infinite scrolling option
  • fading photos option
  • music player option
  • corner image
  • white photoset lightbox (courtesy of ladmilk uvu)
  • alternate styles for sidebar and permalink

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ishida-san whispered: Just tested the new coding you gave me, and it works! The image is exactly where it's supposed to be now. Thank you for taking the time to fix it!

HEck yeah ~ Glad to gave it fixed. :) Thank you for telling me about the problem! :>

ishida-san whispered: It appears the problem I told you about earlier still persists, even after adding the code where specified.

Sorry! It should be the following code instead: (code’s been updated)

#content img {
    {block:if500pxposts}max-width: 470px;{/block:if500pxposts}
    {block:if400pxposts}max-width: 370px;{/block:if400pxposts}
    {block:if250pxposts}max-width: 220px;{/block:if250pxposts}
    {block:if500pxposts}max-width: 470px;{/block:if500pxposts}
    {block:if400pxposts}max-width: 470px;{/block:if400pxposts}
    {block:if250pxposts}max-width: 470px;{/block:if250pxposts}
#content blockquote img {max-width: 100%;}


mediterranean sunrise

#81bcb3 #9dccbe #d1decc #f0f2d9 #e4e8b7

dreamernikz whispered: Hi, sorry to bother you. I saw already some questions regarding my question right now but not exactly like that I think? So I'm gonna use your theme 24 crimson hunter, I'd like to change the nav icons. Based on your static preview, you also give credit to Font Awesome, the one that stands all alone. It is possible to use their icons because there are so many choices rather than the list in weloveiconfonts? I'm not that good on CSS/HTML and kinda hard to understand the codes on Font Awesome.

Hello! idk if it’s the post you saw, but I have a tutorial on how to change the icons with the ones available at weloveiconfonts here. If you’d like to use those that are available in the full fontawesome pack, you can figure out how with this tutorial by azurethemes. ^^

biscuitkrueger whispered: Hi there. I'm using theme [32] Spirited Away, and I noticed there was a problem with audio posts, where the play button appears above the header/topbar. I'm using the latest version of Google Chrome and you can see it on my Tumblr. I think it's a z-index issue? But I'm not sure how to fix it myself. Thanks for your time! :)

Hello! Thank you for telling me about this problem — the codes’s been fixed.


USING ICONS FROM FONT AWESOME; a tutorial by azurethemes/salazhar
I’ve gotten a few asks on how I added icons on my main blog. I got them from Font Awesome and I thought I could make a tutorial on how to apply them to your blog. The difficulty depends on your knowledge on HTML and CSS, but it suggest you you should know the basics of of both. 

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whatth3pho whispered: I don't have a question to ask -- I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful tutorial on how to add the fish in the background. uwu super easy to follow and pictures to guide me!! Uwah, > u< keep up your hard work! /shyly shimmies out of the room

aww it’s not problem at all! asfas;fjaslf[owet you’re so sweet! ;w;

rivaillis whispered: Hi there! ^^ I fell in love with your latest rpg theme, and I was wondering, is it possible to make the tags visible? C:

hello! asfjaslfjpaosf thanks, and no it’s not possible at the moment. :<