No one asked for this, but judging by the notes on the lightened cap I posted earlier people really like the effect and think it’s some kind of editing witchcraft. So I threw this together to show that it’s actually really simple.

tl;dr use the white eye dropper on the RGB levels to set the whitest point and the black eye dropper to set the blackest point. instant contrast-fix.

jordanalanda whispered: i really really love that preview page for your themes that i found! i was wondering if you have the code somewhere??

Thank you. u-u; But I’m afraid I don’t have it published, sorry!

toolateaccelerate whispered: I got your 05 rhapsody theme and love it! i have a Q though: i made custom pages on it and they work, but i'd like them to open in a new page. is there a way i can do it? thank you xx

Hello there, and thank you!! Yep, you can do so by: go to your customize page > scroll down all the way > click ‘Advanced Options’ > and


dontxome whispered: Hi! I used one of your music player tutorials in the past, the one with the billy player. The tutorial also had a link to gyapo's bubble music tutorial too, but for some reason now when I click on the link, it doesn't show up. Do you have those codes? Thanks!

Hello, it doesn’t show up because gyapo has closed. :c I do have a reblogged version of the post though — you are talking about the Bubblebar, right?




  • 250px (two columns), 400px, 500px posts
  • 6 custom links
  • Time ago, Notes, and Reblog links.
  • Infinite scroll option
  • Captions option
  • Icon (height x width//50px)
  • Custom fishies
  • Image icons

Please like or reblog if using.. or is you just like it.


neomystogan replied: I somehow feel it has been a while since twilght fic asked this o.O (since I hardly see u here on my dash), wasn’t it best to respond privately? else he/she wouldn’t know you responded right? :?

nay, s/he just asked the question today. I published the answer in the case others may have the same query. Maybe it’s just me, but right after I ask someone a question, I’d be constantly refreshing my inbox/their page for a reply. ^^ I’ve also tagged him/her in the post, so checking the tag on tumblr works too.

twilight-fic whispered: Hello friend. I hope you can help me somehow. Do you know if it's possible to have different backgrounds? I mean when I click on a page I created, can I put a different background there? If so, do you know how? I am sure it has to do with the "Custom Layout" when you create a new page, right? CSS is really confusing to me and I try to understand it. I have a custom theme so I am not sure if I can do it with this one. Thanks

Hello! Hmm yes it’s possible, but I think you’ll have to (yes) open a Custom Layout page, use your original theme’s code, and manually change the background image URL to the background of your choice. This means that you’ll have to edit the content’s post to be what you want on the page too, so it is a tad complicated. This works on all themes, from the theme garden or otherwise.

pyroinpink whispered: You may have answered this ask before, Im not sure- But I was just wandering if you still have the code for theme 05 before you revamped it?
hi, this hasn’t been asked before, but nope it’s gone and deleted off the Internet thank god