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Anonymous whispered: Hello there! I'm not sure if you mind tutorials but? Could you maybe make one on how to do the colored shadow's behind the characters in this post /post/69805028319/ ? I'm so sorry to bother you. Of course you don't need to, I just can't find a tutorial on how to do that. Again, so sorry to bother!


Yes of course! I’m always happy to do tutorials! It’s why my editors site exists ^^ I definitely don’t mind explaining how I do my edits! Okay so for this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to make the white shadow layer behind my image and I’ll be using Photoshop CS5 for this. 


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No one asked for this, but judging by the notes on the lightened cap I posted earlier people really like the effect and think it’s some kind of editing witchcraft. So I threw this together to show that it’s actually really simple.

tl;dr use the white eye dropper on the RGB levels to set the whitest point and the black eye dropper to set the blackest point. instant contrast-fix.

jordanalanda whispered: i really really love that preview page for your themes that i found! i was wondering if you have the code somewhere??

Thank you. u-u; But I’m afraid I don’t have it published, sorry!

toolateaccelerate whispered: I got your 05 rhapsody theme and love it! i have a Q though: i made custom pages on it and they work, but i'd like them to open in a new page. is there a way i can do it? thank you xx

Hello there, and thank you!! Yep, you can do so by: go to your customize page > scroll down all the way > click ‘Advanced Options’ > and


dontxome whispered: Hi! I used one of your music player tutorials in the past, the one with the billy player. The tutorial also had a link to gyapo's bubble music tutorial too, but for some reason now when I click on the link, it doesn't show up. Do you have those codes? Thanks!

Hello, it doesn’t show up because gyapo has closed. :c I do have a reblogged version of the post though — you are talking about the Bubblebar, right?




  • 250px (two columns), 400px, 500px posts
  • 6 custom links
  • Time ago, Notes, and Reblog links.
  • Infinite scroll option
  • Captions option
  • Icon (height x width//50px)
  • Custom fishies
  • Image icons

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neomystogan replied: I somehow feel it has been a while since twilght fic asked this o.O (since I hardly see u here on my dash), wasn’t it best to respond privately? else he/she wouldn’t know you responded right? :?

nay, s/he just asked the question today. I published the answer in the case others may have the same query. Maybe it’s just me, but right after I ask someone a question, I’d be constantly refreshing my inbox/their page for a reply. ^^ I’ve also tagged him/her in the post, so checking the tag on tumblr works too.